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ChiroBed Copper Infused Hybrid Mattress - Spine Align
ChiroBed Copper Infused Hybrid Mattress - Spine Align

ChiroBed Copper Infused Hybrid Mattress

$ 2,499.00

Our Goal with the Chirobed Copper Infused Hybrid is to help you eliminate the bed as a contributing factor for a poor nights sleep or back pain.

The Hybrid version brings together the best of natural latex foam mattresses with proven support properties of individually wrapped coils.  This one sided version is a great choice for individuals who want to reduce motion transfer and pressure points.  

We utilize the best 100% Natural Latex and a wide selection of individually wrapped coils to give you the necessary support where you need it.

While we can make these in many different support levels, the soft and the firm are the most popular.  The soft gives that "ahhh that is the softness I've been looking for" response.  The Firm is fitted more for the person or couple that likes a contouring surface with a very supportive underside.  


For Couples that can't agree on feel.  We have an answer.  We will make one side Firm and one side Soft.

Copper has natural anti-inflammatory properties that create a non-magnetic platform that brings relief from arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism. A sleep product made with Copper will naturally combat restlessness and encourage brain stimulation while a person sleeps.  It also adds over 1,800 nano-coils that create active support and cooler sleep.  (Requires a Prescription from a Chiropractor, MD or DO. Form available at bottom of page)

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