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ERIE - Boat Mattress (8" high) - Spine Align
ERIE - Boat Mattress (8" high) - Spine Align

Boat Mattress - ERIE (8" high)

$ 2,999.00

Whether you are at home or on your yacht, you desire a good nights sleep. Our design gives you the ability to relax and rest on the open water.  The day when a boat was just a place to spend the day is over. Luxury yachts are now a place to get away and relax for the weekend. Relaxing requires great sleep. All to often boats come with inferior mattresses that don’t meet the needs of its owners. Our great lakes family of mattress will surely meet the needs of boaters just wanting to relax.  

Our “Michigan” is found in many of the finest new yachts made in the Great Lakes.  However many premium yacht owners upgrade to either the “Erie” or “Huron”. For the boater that will not sacrifice luxury, the “Superior” is the only choice.  All mattresses are built to a template provided by you or patterned by our experts. From the template we can guarantee a great fit. We offer: hinged centers for accessing storage or easier installation, mold and mildew resistant fabrics and beveled edges. Once you have a pattern; remember bedspreads, sheets and mattress pads are always a great addition to already great sleep system.

 Natural Latex


  • 8" High
  • 3" 100% Natural Latex
  • 600 Coil Pocketed Innerspring
  • Moisture dissipating performance fiber
  • Durable, breathable and moisture friendly spacer fabric
  • Soft Deep Quilt Top

* Hinges & Bevels available

* Vinyl Bottom - Optional 

* Kulkote Copper Coating for hot sleepers - Optional

  Download Patterning Instructions