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About Spine Align


Our Mattress History

My Great Grandfather Gerrit Buis, a furniture upholsterer at Charles P. Limbert, in 1915 began the fist successful mattress company in Holland Michigan.  Conveniently named Holland Bedding and Upholstery Co.  For Fifteen years he labored in the garage behind his home at 139 East Fourteenth Street.  Buis had mastered the craft as a teenager apprentice in the Netherlands.  In 1930 he purchased the "Brownstone Alley" building at 78-84 East 8th street.  He promptly moved his mattress company into the 86 East 8th. 

In 1934 Gerrit's Son Bill G. Buis began working at his fathers company at age 7 looping buttons with string tied to one end.  In a few years he helped make mattresses by threading the looped buttons with a long needle (also known as tuffting) through the mattress.  By 1936 he was a full-fledged upholsterer.  His father took him as a partner in 1938, and the firm became G. Buis & Son.  In 1942 G. Buis & Son moved a few doors west to 78 East 8th Street.  In 1944 Bill G. struck out on his own and formed William G Buis Mattress & Upholstery in a vacant building eventually moving it to 174 Central.  In 1954 he built a building at 741 Chicago Drive (our current location).  "We were way, way out of town" Bill recalled.  But he was a master salesman, and locals drove out to the shop, drawn by the slogan "Buy Direct from Factory"  In the old days, his shop turned out 2-3 mattresses a day, a far cry from the 20-30 they made in the 1990's.  New sewing and stitching machines made the difference, as did faithful employees.  The mattress roll-edging machine of the early 1950's did in fifteen minutes what previously took a skilled stitcher half a day.  In 1957 Bill G. Buis died, his wife Virginia took over the shop with the help of her two sons.  In 1968 the two sons Thomas E. and Bill Jr. bought out their mother, but she stayed there for another decade.  They changed the name to Buis Mattress & Upholstery and also opened a additional showroom at 230 River.  In 1976 they changed the name to Buis Mattress & Bedroom Furniture.  Thomas 's son, Thomas W. started working at that location at about the age of 10 looping buttons just like the generations before him.  In 1992, after graduating from college, he started out on his own and formed Spine Align, Inc. (current company).  Located at 100 Aniline in the old Chris-Craft boat factory, which was once a customer he used to make and deliver boat mattresses to.  Spine Align was market to help Chiropractic patients get the best bed for their particular needs.  In 1997 Thomas W. moved his factory to the old family location at 741 Chicago Drive in Holland where it remains today.


With over a 100 years and 4 generations of experience we bring a unique and special experience to mattress shoppers.  Most common things people say is: "I didn't know a place like this ever existed" or "is this a franchise...because it should be".  Our Micro Factory is like a micro brewery for mattresses.  You can touch and feel all the different parts used to make your mattress and watch mattresses being made on site.  Each mattress in hand made to the needs and liking of it new owner.  Best thing is adjustments can also be made later in case life or preference change.









Monday - Friday 10:00 - 6:00

Saturday: Normally 10:00 - 2:00 (due to labor shortages please call/chat ahead)

Sunday and after hours: By Appointment (due to labor shortage)